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Birth Story Listening

Giving birth (and attending births as a father, partner or birth professional) is mysterious. It can be joyful, stimulating and wonderful. A real transition rite! We are often burst to the core during birth; vulnerable and exposed. Yet it can sometimes be difficult, disappointing or traumatic. Sometimes the birth does not go as planned, hoped or expected. Even with a healthy mother and baby, you still have leftover feelings of disappointment, anger, shame, embarrassment or sadness at the events of your birth. If you have had a difficult delivery, you may have difficulty understanding what happened ... You may feel that you are not really heard or validated in these feelings, and you have a desire to heal. If you want to take an important step towards healing how you feel when you tell your story, a Birth Story Healing session is for you. The medicine is in you ... With warmth and compassion, we will look at it together, to see and understand your birth in a new light. Although you cannot change the events of your birth, you can change your understanding and beliefs about those events ...















BIRTH STORY LISTENING is a powerful and careful process of letting go of your birth story, about your pregnancy, your birth and your postpartum period. It's really about being heard in a non-judgmental way. Let it go from within, where it might sniff your breath, stop you, confuse you, and not allow you to be the mother you really want to be. Together we will work out the knots that your stories have created. We will work with old archetypes, storytelling to understand the journey you have gone through recently or many years ago. You don't have to share the whole story, you are being held in a safe and confidential place to share what you feel you need on that day. You may notice the shift within you during the session or it will come to you afterward. Some people carry their stories with them for many years, at any time it's good to unlock them ... Recharge yourself, someone who listens to you and, together with you, provides movement and new handles in connection with your authentic core. With deep emotion, we are allowed to participate in each other's process of connecting and letting go. Following your natural flow, you automatically get further insights ... The session is a gift for yourself, but also indirectly for all your loved ones with whom you surround yourself.


Via the contact form, you can indicate whether you would like to book a session with me, a one-to-one session in my practice, at your home or via Skype or Zoom. A session costs 80 Euro (incl. VAT). You are worth it ...


Deep thanks for PAM ENGLAND, a great teacher and wise woman

who has developed the concept and technique of Birth Story Listening.








~ Testimonials ~


Sanne from Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

"There I was on the umpteenth couch with a psychologist. It clicked but I didn't feel what I needed. Still, I walked around with sadness and anger and noticed that I had to make room for it. The caring role as a mother that dwell on yourself and what you have experienced, kind of shifting to the background, but then still tangible every day. After receiving information from a Doula, I ended up with Kiki Meyer. Now after my Birth Story Listening session I feel a lot calmer when I think of my (traumatic) pregnancy and delivery. There is even a place somewhere to feel proud too. But calmer, I notice. I was very positively surprised by the techniques that Kiki used. I know a number of them from the trauma therapy because I am a child psychologist and EMDR therapist myself. I initially wondered what the session would bring me. Because talking about your birth is also possible with others and what is the difference with other care providers? For me, it was that Kiki tackled and approached precisely the things that still had a great emotional charge. This gave it room. And with her questions and different techniques it took on a different meaning and it could change to mildness and actually achieve better processing. The feelings of fear, powerlessness, and anger about pregnancy and childbirth are now much less with me. In retrospect, I am very happy that I awarded myself this session and it really gave me all the events. (Even after 1 session!) The aftercare was also very good. I have experienced Kiki as a very competent and involved supervisor in this. If you doubt whether Birth Story Listening can be something for you, I would contact Kiki. In any case, she can think along, which at least helped me make a good choice. But actually, I recommend it to every new mother! Not just with a traumatic experience. But purely to once again really consider this great event and change. Because that's what I think for every woman ... "




"Very nice important work! Recommended! Kiki, you helped me to see a very difficult sad story with completely new eyes. And that within an hour! Thankful ..."




"I breathe.

Sitting in my own space.

My room is full of my favorite energy.

The room which was furnished 3 months ago was specially designed as a birth room.

I breathe.

And feel.

The current in my stomach.

The heat in my body.

The connection in and around me.

With pink cheeks.

And in energy, I feel the shift.

Who already announced himself when requesting the session.

And being deepened today.

I only feel love.

Now that I look back to the birth of me as a mother, and the birth of Sam in the earthly.

They flood me like waves.

They pet me.

Today I received a bit deeper again.

Through the wonderful session at Kiki.

The rest.


A true gift for myself.

I knew that giving birth can touch new pieces within yourself. Opens.

And today, by consciously looking back, I was allowed to stand still,

for myself in the here and now to pick up an extra gift.

From the dark,

deeper and deeper,

So that it can go to the surface.

And the hidden wisdom that lay in her to be able to live.

The shift.

She's going.

And she is there for you too. If you dare to look ...

My birthday present to myself. A Birth Story Listening session ... "



"My experience with Kiki as a Birth Story Listening Spaceholder is exceptionally soft and healing at the same time. What I felt at the start of our session was trust, nutrition, and safety. So important to my Femininity ... That way I could stay in full force with myself. After the session, I literally started a new chapter, in which the old pain was transformed into new life energy. Thank you, Kiki! "
















"It brings me back to being originally a soft feminine being here ... and I realize that our meeting is a mirror for a deeper choice to be fully present again ... I can stay here and receive it even deeper ... This morning I woke up and heard something like 'HURRAY it's a girl' ... as a kind of welcome to the girl ... as if it doesn't have to survive anymore but can live ... Because the possibilities for transformation lie in the layers where they used to be no words were ... only experienced ...

I notice that I can just give confidence. This goes beyond the cognitive ... "

~ Janine, mother of a son ~

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