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Blessing way

Women have always gathered together in a circle; it is our birthright to share each others wisdom and energy in a sacred space.  Women traditionally had ritual and ceremony to honor the new mother and give her wisdom and blessings for her upcoming birth. Known as a Blessingway, or mothers blessing, this sacred event creates a safe space where the mother can draw on her friends and family for support, energy, confidence, and love for her upcoming journey through the birth ...

A Blessingway recognizes that a woman is coming into her motherly power and gives her support and encouragement to harness that power for the birth ahead.

During a Blessingway, positive experiences are shared, wishes and blessings are bestowed and nurturing rituals are performed. 

This allows the mother to connect with women’s wisdom, and joyfully embrace the journey ahead. It can also be a space to explore challenges and release fears.

Within, each Blessingway is unique for each woman.  I work with the mother and family members to create a ceremony that is personal, transformative and enjoyable for all involved ...

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