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with your Inborn Wisdom

I am grateful to you, dear new friend, that I may bring you in contact here with my INBORN WISDOM. This way I can share with you my inspiration that makes my heart and soul dance and

what I feel to be able to bring into the world.

Feel welcome to take a look, let yourself be touched, and take it with you to investigate with your own depth whether something resonates with your heart that might also mean something for you.

Follow your innate wisdom and intuition with the authentic voice of your soul

I like to see you on the path.

It is the time to value your heart and womb to live your purpose with love and dignity.




~Our Yoni ~ 

Portal, gatekeeper, wisdom keeper.
Spaciousness, grounded in the layers of our pelvis.
She arises in her majesty. Giving birth to herself when she is ready to see, feel, receive, give. 
Fully present she is. Whole-ness to her feet.
Truthful trust!
Her talk, her whisper ... mysterious essence of divine presence. 
A celebration of delightful radiance she IS ...
She who loves ... She who cares ... She who holds space ... She who creates ...
She who helps ... She who protects ... She who contributes ... She who embraces ...
She who honors it all ... She who dares greatly ... She who feels her sacredness within ... 
She who embodies the sacred feminine of ancient wisdom!
... and with her,
PELVIC LOVE reflects in the river of being
the tremendous treasure 
she holds inside HERself.


May you heal your heart and always see yourself for who you are!

So beautiful, clear and soothing that you can be yourself.

Free from any assumption or misunderstanding.

Listening to yourself and your heart in softness is beyond the depth of love for yourself and others.

There are enormous power and unprecedented support and healing capacity.

Listen to your unique quality, your unique being is attuned to your BEING here on earth.

From your heart then be the depth that you are ...

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