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Pregnancy Massage

~ I would like to invite you, beautiful pregnant woman, for a very special gift for your Self ~

For me, giving this form of massage is a beautiful, special, in-depth opportunity for the expectant mum and her unborn child to come into loving contact with each other. To be nurtured and nourished in their solidarity with each other and, above all, to enjoy the intimacy that carrying a child entails. Full of love, intuition, surrender, and trust ...

I feel and know the contact between the pregnant woman and the unborn child is important and valuable. In synchronicity they create together on their unique path of life, in unity ... that is what inspires and motivates me!


You will feel better how you deal with your body,

how and where you hold stress in your body,

how and where you block your life force and

which messages can be connected to it ...
In Bio Release there is respect for the resistance

that you experience.

Types of protective resistance can be:

no sense, withdrawing or hardening, suddenly getting tired,

holding your breath, dreaming away, etc. I would like to meet the resistance because it has a lot to tell about how you have dealt with your life energy so far. Respect for this resistance provides a safe basis for change. As more energy is released, emotions can also arise. I welcome and support them so that they can find a sacred place for them. This gives room for spontaneity, vitality, and joy of life. The method of Bio Release does not want to force anything to melt when it is ripe. No diagnoses are made during the massage. For this, I will certainly refer you to a doctor or a therapist ...


I give the massages at my home in Loenen (Gelderland) on the edge of the Veluwe (so you can also enjoy a lovely walk afterward) or in my practice in Zutphen. If you prefer, I can also come to your home. I work throughout the Netherlands and request a small travel allowance.


From now on I offer the 2-hour treatment (including pre- and post-interview) for 80 euros. You can also make an appointment for several times, for a series of massages: 3 massages now for 220 euros.


Pregnancy massage is a relaxation massage for women during and after their pregnancy.

The massage techniques are tailored to the pregnant body or to the pregnant body. I apply a combination of relaxation massage, intuitive massage, and bio-release massage ...

Bio Release in a part of Biodynamic psychology. With Bio Release you gain insight into how body and mind work in subtle ways ... so you can investigate how this interaction works for you. You receive massage(s) that work deeper on your body every time. Your energy will flow more freely and you will feel more yourself ...




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