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Griefwork and Rituals
Grief comes during mourning. Mourning is a process of bereavement.
But how we grief actually? In our western society, we often grief alone … many reasons keep us away from deep meaningful healing work we all can receive. Thoughts like not to be a burden for somebody else, shame, guilt, anger or other emotions, keep us away from having a connection with others from the heart with consent.
How does it feel to share grief, your vulnerability, the sorrow, the lose you experienced?
Do they know what I am feeling? YES ... it is maybe not the same but by witnessing each other you will recognize the similarities we all go through. And know you do not have to do it all alone.
Let us create a community where we can share and hold space for each other to let go of emotions and bring more awareness to the underlying dynamic inside of us. I feel the call to create this sacred space for grief work and rituals so that we can see, feel, witness each other ...
Grief work holds different approaches but what they all have in common is to be present with yourself and others. We grief for so many reasons: for the sorrow of the world, for losing a child or the love of your life, for something we like to have but what never will happen, for letting go of persons or things we love … so many levels and meanings in grief. There is this unknown depth of grieving together if you feel the call by mind, heart, body, and spirit. I invite you for the first time for a grief ritual including an ancestral ritual where we can be in the presence of each other ...
If you are interested or have any questions please contact me.
During the year I hold "Griefwork and Ritual"-days. Please check out when the next is scheduled at the agenda ...
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