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Menarche Ritual for Women

Transitions ... Rites of Passage!

From girl to young woman.

From young woman to mother.

From mother to grandma.

From menstruating woman to ... after the menopause.


All moments of Passage that can be ritually 'celebrated'. Everywhere in the world, there are rituals and customs for these moments.

Why would you celebrate these moments?

To honor this moment of Initiation to the next phase in your life as a woman, to experience it as consciously as possible and to integrate it at a deeper level.


Many women have experienced the moment of becoming a woman, menstruating for the first time, not in this way. A little attention has perhaps been paid to, for example, a flower or a dinner party, but often this moment has also been mainly practical. With the announcement that you are now a woman and with the provision of sanitary pads and even tampons. The search for your new 'place' then begins. Not connecting on a deeper layer with this new phase can result in a bit of 'lagging behind'. You never feel a completely full woman, for example, linger in the girl's energy.


My dear heart sister Amber ( and I give adult women the

opportunity to re-live this important moment. 

Share your story about bleeding for the first time and receive a ritual initiation into 

Feminine with Blessings and welcome to Sisterhood. 

Please contact us for more details.

If your heart resonates to receive in private with your best friends

this beautiful meaningful ceremony please let us know as well.

We like to serve you in one way or the other.

For a day of working with this ritual, we ask an investment for yourself for 95 euros (incl. Lunch).

There will be tea and sweets all day long and we will provide one Red Lunch. At the end of the day, we also have a surprise. 

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