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For years I have been playing with the thought of welcoming women in their days of moontime (menstruation) to give them loving attention, to provide the peace and healing needed to connect with their femininity and inner wisdom. Dare to be, that nothing is necessary. To surrender to the movements of your body on different levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. Do you dare to receive the wisdom that is deep within you and that wants to be cherished?


I am happy to take you on this journey of new old paths. You are welcome as a woman in your MOONTIME. In a safe environment, sharing, laughter, crying, silence may be given to each person's own inner process. In your innate wisdom and with your own inner intuition. I like to hold sacred time and space for you, create a safe natural environment, ensure that you do not need anything for a few hours during your moon and you can actually receive so that you can meet what you want to be touched by. I would like to introduce myself to your well-being ... that you may feed, heal, experience and connect with your primal power. That you may be the goddess that YOU ARE ...


With massages, healthy food, music, meditations, and creativity (mood board or blood painting) we can circle each other and listen to each other. Silence is also welcome in this. At the end, a very personal gift is waiting for you ...

There is every New Moon place for 3 women in their moon phases. Personal attention is central. Do you dare to surrender to my care for you? If your heart resonates with this invitation, feel welcome ... reserve your spot by sending an email via the contact form.


"When we attune to the rhythm of Grandmother Moon, we step into remembrance of our divine feminine blueprint, recognize our place in the natural world, feel connected with women everywhere, and embody our truth from the sacred source of love ..." ~

Achintya Devi

In our rapid pace of modern living, the Moon Lodge is returning as we rise in remembrance of our feminine power and the sacredness of our womanly moontime gifts. As a woman by myself, I like to call in a MOON LODGE here in the Netherlands or elsewhere

for all woman and our communities,

365 days by holding space for each other with each other.
In traditional times, during a woman’s Moon-time, the respect for women was so great that there was no other burden was placed upon her at that time. During monthly moon-lodges, women were encouraged to nurture themselves holistically. Women ceremonies honored the cleansing time of the body, and also assisted to balance hormones. A woman also steps back in high regard and great respect for her time of personal power. She is undergoing a powerfully spiritual external personal purification ceremony.

She is so powerful during this time of the month that the medicines are naturally drawn to her.

For it is true, Mother Earth is also a Lifegiver; and the connection between her and women is so powerful that they are naturally drawn to one another. Mother Earth understands a natural cleansing period as well; she demonstrates through the change of seasons ...

Moon Lodges were sacred spaces, symbolic of a womb, where women would gather to honor and celebrate the powerful & intuitive time of their bleeding phase during the dark of the moon. By entering the Moon Lodge, they stepped away from the doing-ness of family responsibilities and entered into the sacred realms of being-ness to rest, dream, nurture each other, receive spiritual insight, practice ritual and bleed into the Earth with prayers. Upon emergence from the Moon Lodge, women would feel deeply nourished, re-invigorated and ready to offer their gifts to their community with creative renewal, embodied wisdom and purpose ...




20 Euro pp incl. Snacks/lunch and materials,

for 4 moon lodge meetings you pay 70 Euro pp ...

You are worthy to be in all your FEMINITY!

PS: You could also book this offer (10 am-16 pm) very personally and only for yourself in which we will be 1-on-1 together and in which I can spoil you in everything you need, dear moonblood sister. This offer is worth 80 euros as an energy exchange.

Feel welcome in the circle of sisterhood ...
























Prayer for MY sisterhood

May we support each other's creations.

May we honor each other's unique wisdom.

May we commit to looking for each other's beauty.

May we make way for the emergent feminine in each other.

May we forgive each other's mistakes.

May we know our own strength and support our sisters to find theirs.

May we know that we are cells in the same body.

May we feel our roots in the earth.

May we gather, unite, rise and call forth a new way. Together ... 












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