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Integral Pelvic Therapy®

What is Integral Pelvic Therapy®?


Integral Pelvic Therapy (IPT) is a form of bodywork for women, with the aim of restoring balance in the area of the pelvis. Many women experience various problems in their pelvic floor. Varying from women who have little to no contact with their sexuality, who have a numb feeling or experience pain during sex. Women with a lot of tension or a too weak pelvic floor. IPT is also suitable for women with chronic inflammations or prolapse of the bladder or uterus.

Integral Pelvic Therapy has an integrated approach to the above-mentioned problems, which makes it possible to work in a more solution-oriented way. Women report an enlarged feeling in their pelvic bowl after one session, a decrease of symptoms, are more in contact with their body and are better able to set and feel boundaries. Many women experience more pleasure from their sexuality and some are even capable of experiencing other forms of orgasms.













Who is IPT® suitable for?

Every woman who wants to know more about her body and/or her sexuality benefits from Integral Pelvic Therapy. IPT is also very suitable as preparation for delivery. Currently, about 75 pregnant women have received treatment during pregnancy. These women give birth mostly spontaneous, they did not need pain relief and had no ruptures/episiotomy. This is all based on experience, no scientific research has been done (yet). My teacher Daphne van der Putten, a midwife by herself, has also been able to apply IPT® for many deliveries during labor. IPT® proved to be very effective, particularly in the case of non-progressive dilation or birth and/or necessity of induction.

But also not pregnant women benefit from IPT®, with a request for help such as:

  • Pain during sex

  • Heavy menstrual pain

  • Uterus / bladder prolapse

  • Unintended urine loss

  • Chronic inflammations on the vulva

  • Trauma about sexual abuse

  • Traumatic delivery

  • Do not feel like having sex

  • Fertility problems

  • Painful/numb scar tissue after giving birth or Caesarean section

  • Unexplained (lower) back complaints or tailbone




















What does a session look like?

Before a session takes place, there will be an intake conversation. During this talk, the (medical) history will be discussed and the request for help. The actual treatment is separated from the intake conversation, so a well-informed decision can be made.

When the practitioner and the cliënt both have the feeling IPT will be beneficial for the cliënt, an actual appointment can be made for the treatment.

The treatment itself lasts for at least 2 hours. It is therefore important that a client can be “present” in her body. Being present in the body means that during the treatment the client is always able to make contact with the therapist. She does not disappear from her body, but she is able to feel and indicate boundaries.

Integral Pelvic Therapy® works on different layers:

  • The mental layer: Before every treatment takes place an intake is carried out. Only then can a client make a well-informed decision about whether a treatment is most useful to her. When the eventual treatment is to be given, a talk beforehand also takes place between the practitioner and the client. What is being discussed are the pieces that are not in balance in her life and how can she be coached in this.

  • The physical layer: Through soft internal and internal massage techniques, the fascia in the pelvis is examined, smoothed out and adhesions are solved. Also, trigger points are found and addressed. Tension patterns are found and treated, allowing the pelvis to function in balance again. As a result, sensitivity comes back instead of a numb or painful feeling.

  • The emotional layer: It often happens that emotions are stored in the body, especially in the vulnerable area of the pelvis. IPT® lets the emotions be felt so that they can be processed and/or released.

  • The energetic layer: Energy can be felt like a kind of electrical charge in your body. If a blockage occurs in this, it feels like a “stiffening” in the tissue. After treatment, the energy can flow freely throughout the body. Women can have the feeling to “shine from the inside”.

  • The spiritual layer: Sometimes there is an unprocessed event in the family line that can have an impact in your system. By using bodywork combined with visualization techniques these events can be given a place whereby the balance is restored. This is noticeable due to a feeling of more energy and vitality.


Interested in receiving an IPT treatment? Here you can 

“Integral Pelvic Therapy® offers a solid base and integral approach, connecting the medical and spiritual world,

to ensure pelvic health for every woman in a safe and accessible way”

What women say ...


"Kiki is a shamanic birth and end life doula, sister, mother to many, an Integral Pelvic Therapy practitioner, a friend and eArthist. Her presence opens up a space to sink deeper into presence yourself and soften towards what presents itself in the here and now. By listening with the whole of her being, ancient voices of remembrance arise. Her light, soft, yet strong and grounded presence invites you to feel the silent touch of your own wholeness. She is a weaver of the worlds of life, death and everything in between. Walking besides you as you find your way home through the labyrinth of life."

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