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Pregnancy & Birth Support

As a doula I am a witness, I am not teaching birth, as a doula we do not save the woman from her sensations ... we see the woman, we are with her, and we see her find her path of love and devotion to give birth. As a doula, I can help weave the story ... see the resources and shelters in her life, remember her of and watching her to give birth.

This witness allows us to see ourselves.

The doula can hear.

She can feel what she needs to be named, and that is what we do and what we have to do.

Guarding the wisdom and caring generously for the mother-creature.

A doula is a caretaker, caretaker of the sacred maps of the wisdom of women and mother, men and father, baby wisdom. 
In the great embracing of grace. Thanks to all my clients, all the radiant mothers who listen deeply from within, following their birthing labyrinth. Listening to the whispers of presence, the whispers of her wholeness, the whispers of guidance so above so below, the whispers of love, the whispers of surrender, the whispers of ebb and flood in her birthing tides. The whispers of gratitude, the whispers of Essence, the whispers of the expansion of her heart and womb. An ever-growing openness of the heart, space of mind and integration of both in the human body. Birth Bliss is arising. 


I believe that doulas are an essential part of ensuring that the entire birth process runs smoothly. They can certainly play a role in healing old emotional wounds or birth traumas that a woman has sustained in her life. By actively communicating, listening, and being creative together, deeper emotional layers and certain resistances can be raised and resolved (by experiencing, feeling and accepting them). The power and confidence that replace it can make a woman stronger in her birth and accept the natural course of the process. She can, therefore, relax more despite all the sensations, experience the primal female power and be determined to give birth to her child. I believe that this approach to pregnancy and birth can reduce and even eliminate the number of complications that occur. This is very important for us as women and ultimately for our children, who are our future ...

Your first years of life and that very first beginning are essential for the rest of your life. It is as if it goes deep into your cell memory how you experience these years and becomes the base of your life. It gives me great joy to think that we, as people, can exert a positive influence on it. Creating a better world starts at the beginning and with ourselves. I like to make my contribution in this process as Doula, Woman, and Mother. Welcome to (your) InBORN Wisdom ...


~ Packages ~

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities for guidance at special rates. Money should never be a problem to be able to guide you and empower you in all that you need during your pregnancy, birth and in the postpartum ...

“This kind of support is based on truth and delivered with caring-without projections or judging another. That kind of support is healthy and productive, when other women create a safe place in which to share personal thoughts and offer alternatives in a respectful way. The sisterhood always supports every woman who is willing to surmount her own challenges in order to grow.”

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