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Special treatment for pregnant women

I would like to invite you, dear beautiful pregnant woman, for a very special gift for your Self:

a wonderful treatment day to sink deeper together with other pregnant women in your body, in relaxation, surrender, and sisterhood.

You can allow yourself to be fed and re-charged in your connectedness with each other and especially to enjoy the intimacy that carrying a child entails. Full of love, intuition, inner wisdom 
and trust ...

We start this day at 10 a.m. with a circle in which we connect with ourselves, each other and the babies in the bellies. Meditation, visualization and sharing what wants to be heard are central. After a delicious, warming organic and vegetarian lunch, we continue with our hands: you receive a massage, intuitive belly painting and you can clay a baby figurine. We end this day, with an introductory birth ritual, a blessing way. Charged, relaxed, nourished and nurtured, we close the day at 4 p.m.



There is room for a maximum of 7 pregnant women.

Location: Loenen

Investment: € 75 including lunch and materials.

Inquire about the following dates or questions via it contact form.

Please bring along:

comfortable clothing; meditation cushion and an object that is of great importance to you personally and that has to do

with the subject of "birth" ...

Special Offer:
~ Nurture yourself ~

A 4-hour benefit and loving care with very personal attention to you and your unborn child.

We start this meeting by taking you on a journey to go deeper into your pregnant body and to make loving contact with your child. Everything can be there. Feel free to ask questions about your pregnancy, about your wishes how you like to give birth and your postpartum period. Birth is about Life. In love and attention, knowledge and intuition we will look, feel and heal together what you are no longer administering for your initiation into motherhood. With your intentions and affirmations, you can really let go by receiving a massage that is going to take place for both of you. Finally, I give you a blessing in a very special way where we will reflect on your upcoming birth.


Do you dare to dream your desired birth?

Investment in yourself and your child between 100 - 120 euros. Ask for the possibilities. You can register via the contact form.

“This is the way of the feminine nurturing principle:

going within,

finding the problem,

and remedying it

through nurturing the self.”

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