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Mini-Retreat "Reflection"

~ a day of being attentive and loving with yourself ~

I would like to invite you for a day (which you can decide when it suits you best) to sink deeper into your pelvis and what lives there ...

We start our meeting with an inquiry. From this basis, I will guide you what is going on in you and in relation to someone else. I do this through archetypes and coaching (techniques). Everything can be seen and heard where you let yourself be touched. In a safe setting, I invite you then to a "Yoni Steam Bath" to place your new intentions. Your yoni, your temple may be nourished and empowered. In love and softness, I will keep the bedding where necessary.

At the end of our meeting, a biological vegetarian or vegan lunch/dinner is waiting for you ... it takes place at your home or in my practice in Zutphen. Your personal little retreat of "reflection, letting go and connecting new" costs you 100 euros (excluding VAT) for 3.5 hours.

This is a loving ritual, bringing body and soul together, connected to the heart. It is not so much about the way of receiving insights, but about the insights themselves, and how you integrate them into your life, heart and being ... I welcome you.

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