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Blessings of Art

~ Postcards / Inspiration cards ~

A set of 5 postcards costs € 7.50 plus shipping. 10 postcards of your choice cost € 12.50 plus shipping costs. You can assemble the set yourself, state the card numbers in a message to and Kiki will contact you soon ...

~ Posters ~

It is possible to order a poster of your favorite image. Posters are available in two sizes: A2 AND A1. Prices are 25 and 35 euros excluding shipping costs (standard shipping). Do you want to order a poster? Send an email with the drawing and format of your choice to Kiki. Keep in mind that the delivery time is on average 2-3 weeks because a poster is specially requested from the printer.


Of all the images it is now also possible to order wall hangings. A print printed on 100% cotton and sewn. It is delivered to you with a lifting system made of wood and a nice soft string. Different sizes are available:

small (around 45x60 cm) - 45 Euro

medium size (around 60x85 cm) - 55 Euro

large (around 88x120 cm) - 65 Euro

~ Work on assignment ~

Do you want a unique image as a birth announcement card, or do you have another question regarding a personal design, such as a tapestry, notebook or poster? Then contact Kiki. She will be happy to tell you what the options are.

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