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Sacred Yoni Steam Bath Circle

FROM MY INNER WOMAN TO YOURS ♥ I bow to the love I am allowed to feel, to her ability to heal and to bear, to the softness that lies behind it. Be in the depth that you ARE ... A special meeting for all women who want to deepen their relationship with themselves and their wombs in an energetic and healing way and where necessary dare to heal.


YONI STEAMING is a powerful, old remedy that has been used by women around the world for centuries to support deep well-being. Also known as vaginal steam, chai-yok or bajo, it is a holistic health "practice" where a woman allows a warmth of herbal steam to carefully penetrate the outside and the inside of her vagina. Yoni is a sanskrit word meaning "sacred space", "temple", "vagina", "womb", "goddess" or "origin of life" and yoni steam is meant to support all aspects of a woman.

The treatment may sound strange at first, but the truth is that women have shared this powerful ritual among us for centuries, inspiring each other to heal, nurture and love our bodies ...




When it comes to your well-being, dear sister, it is important not only to release physical but also emotional poisons.

Fortunately, we can remove toxins from our body with simple detoxifying treatments such as yoni-steam.

Just as a steam bath is used to extract toxins from the body through the skin, yoni-steam helps to remove physical toxins from the most sacred part of your body - your yoni.

But when it comes to detoxification, removing these unfavorable substances is only half of the conversation. Painful memories, emotional scars and doubts about themselves exist in our bodies as emotional poisons. As a woman, you save a lot of your emotional poisons in your yoni, your most powerful energetic creative place.

Emotional poisons create blockades that stifle ambition, hamper creativity and limit intuition, and they can even contribute to the development of diseases. These toxins can keep you from becoming your most extraordinary self, creating an obstacle to realizing your dreams, fully expressing your purpose on Mother Earth, or creating the kind of impact you want in your life.

To realize your full potential, you can remove these emotional poisons.

Yoni steaming releases emotional toxins, resulting in a sacred experience that stimulates greater SELF-HEALTH and can initiate a powerful forward movement in your life. Yoni steaming is about so much more than just a medical or beauty treatment. It is about letting go of what does not serve you, and reconnecting with what it does.

Make sure you set your time aside to surrender to blissful yoni-steam rituals, because the more toxins you can release, the bigger the woman you'll become ...



I like to invite women, mothers, sisters, daughters for a women's circle that is all about lovingly looking at yourself. A circle in love, commitment, acceptance, surrender, trust, compassion and daring to look and feel what arises or simply what is already there:

What is love for yourself?

How do you get in touch with your yoni?

Take your time and space to take good care of yourself?

What do you come across where you can not give love to yourself?


Charge yourself, someone who listens to you and brings you movement and new handles together with you in connection with your authentic core. With deep emotion we are allowed to share in each other's process of new connection and release.

Following your natural flow, you automatically progress to insights ...

The evening is a gift for yourself, but also indirectly for all your loved ones with whom you surround yourself. It takes place in a homely atmosphere, in my living room, small but nice. Please register in advance. This evening there are 7 places available to ensure deepening and transparency ...


Agenda 2019

on New Moon

17 February 17 March 21 April 19 May 16 June 14 July 11 August 8 September 13 October

10 November 8 December


I ask for a small "energetic" exchange of 30 Euro per woman and your valuable feedback ...



Please bring a flower and a power item for the shared goddess-yoni altar that symbolizes your female line. There are plenty of meditation cushions, but perhaps take a sheepskin and especially a large towel and blanket to make it comfortable for yourself ...

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