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Despacho Ceremony



A despacho is a powerful and beautiful ceremony that has been carried out in Peru for centuries in which you can ask for healing and purification on different levels. This can happen on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

In the form of a laid mandala created from various natural materials as gratitude to the spirits and guides of, among others, Pachamama (Mother Earth), Father Cosmos, the Apu's and Nusta's (the mountains) and Mamacocha (Mother Sea).

All ingredients and objects have their own symbolic deeper meaning. betekenis. 

We use flowers, seeds, candy, personal power items, but also rice ...







By making a despacho you ask for transformation, well-being, healing. This can be anything: healing of emotional and / or physical complaints, you can ask for insight and help with specific wishes or situations.

Think of a birth, your own birth, your health, your happiness or grief, a loss or grief, letting go of old life, a move, your collaboration with the people in your work situation, your relationship or marriage,

healing for Mother Earth ...


You can bring your own intention, aspirations, prayers, gratitude or personal wishes into the despacho via a Kintu (3 rose petals but original 3 coca leaves). It is then nice to ask this from your pure heart so that the spirits will support you in what is necessary for your own healing process ...


When the despacho is finished you get a despacho blessing. That is an endorsement and cleansing of your energy body, after which the despacho, with all the wishes and prayers, is given back to nature: by a fire ceremony, buried in the earth or returned to the water. After a while you will notice that what you have asked will also come your way, but often in a surprisingly different way that you did not expect.

Do you want to make a personal or despacho with a group, do you have a special request or do you want to know more about despachos? Feel free to contact me ...


Costs are € 13, - per person in a group (minimum 3 people),

A personal despacho costs € 40, -.

Prices include all necessary materials, a ceremony takes about 2.5 hours ...

“In every instance, no matter how the situation presents itself, each individual is responsible for seeing her or his own hurt and for finding a way to heal it without making the other person responsible
for that pain.”
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